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Magicmotorsport Flex tools description

Magicmotorsport, also called Magpro, is an Italian company that develops high-quality chip tuning tools. All company’s tools are designed, developed, and manufactured with the latest cutting-edge technology in the automotive industry, designed to meet any performance-related challenge and offer solutions to mechatronics looking to outfit their automotive workshops with the latest innovations in the field. In such a short period of time, by creating a simple, convenient and universal chip tuning tool, Magicmotorsport has become one of the most irresistible businesses in the industry’s market.

As chip tuning professionals, we are responsible for choosing the best remapping tools in commerce. Along with this, we are proud of collaborating with Magicmotorsport and offering its products for you. The latest and the most erupting product is Flex Magicmotorsport. It has been released to replace the famous MAGPro x17. It is a modular solution, which allows choosing only the protocols needed. Flex is an innovative tool for chip tuning workshops, that fully supports the latest developments in the automotive tuning and repair market. Increase your productivity, efficiency and bring your business up to the next level by adding this new customizable technology to your workplace.

Still, wonder, what is it so special that makes Flex Magicmotorsport so great? Here is a fairly detailed description of the tool’s functions and features.

Magicmotorsport Flex tools functions and features

MagPro supports:

  • Industrial vehicles
  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Boats
  • Agro technique (tractors, etc.)
  • Bikes
  • Vans

It is easy to notice that Flex adapts to the majority of vehicles! Simply use Flex to tune, reprogram, upgrade or modify the software of the variety of control units, directly through the OBD socket of the vehicle. The tool works with ECU and TCU, is safe and infotainment. The Internet connection gives you access to the tool’s features and perks. Therefore, use the Flexbox module for advanced and repairing jobs and program your control unit with BDM, Bootloader, JTAG, and AUD modes. The device detects eventual connection or communication errors, owing to the concept of its state-of-the-art design. On the innovative Flex platform, you can find an extensive vehicle list, interactive manuals, and user-friendly interface.

As has been mentioned above, Magic Motorsport Flex reads and writes files through all possible ways – OBD, Boot, and Bench. To clarify, here are some of the details about Flex and these methods:


Enabled access to most common OBD standards, including:

  • ISO 15765:2 x CAN
  • ISO 99141-2 & ISO 14230: 2 x K-LINE, 1xL-LINE
  • Ethernet
  • SAE J1850 PWM, VPW
  • SAE J1708


Get access on the BENCH, without opening the control unit. Available for:

  • Engine control units
  • Transmission control units


In BOOT mode you have the support for all the available modes:

  • BDM MPC5xx
  • Bootloader C167
  • Bootloader ST10F2xx
  • Bootloader TC17xx
  • Bootloader Nexus MPC/SPC 5xxx
  • JTAG Renesas SH705x
  • JTAG Renesas SH72xxx
  • AUD NEC 76F00xx

Technical parameters:

  • USB connection
  • LED indicators
  • Power supply: 12V 5A/24V 2.5A
  • Communication connections: ISO 15765:2 x CAN; ISO 99141-2 & ISO 14230: 2 x K-LINE, 1xL-LINE; Ethernet ; SAE J1850 PWM, VPW;
  • SAE J1708
  • Universal connector: Universal 15 In / Out connectors,
  • Voltages: internal 3.3V-5V, external 1.8 – 5.5V
  • Protection: ESD 1kV, overvoltages, overloads, overheating, polarization, USB galvanic isolation.
What sets of Magicmotorsport Flex do we offer

To meet everyone’s needs and capabilities, we offer three types of kits: