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900 EUR + VAT

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Alientech Kess V2 functions and features

Alientech Kess is one of the best tool manufacturers in the market focused on reading and writing in OBD. In other words, the appliances allow to read and write ECUs and TCUs through the OBD. From now on use the effortless and safe way to read unencrypted files or write kess tuning files. The software supports a wide and constantly growing range of vehicles. This gives you a chance of leading the market with the latest cars tuning techniques. The tool is a user-friendly and intuitive software that gives you the best chip tuning experience ever. The remapping with Kess V2 original Alientech is safe, guided, and reliable. The software of the tool is updated constantly, which makes it more flexible.

Kess V2 remap files support these vehicles:


By simply using the OBD communication and activating car protocols you are able to work with thousands of vehicles! Note that, this is the most common function of reading and writing the ECUS.


Cables and protocols intended for two wheels operate with the most important brands in the world (through the OBD port).


Constantly updated accessories and protocols, made up for easy communication with the latest generation trucks.


To respond to the most recent business request, likewise, take up a rapidly and constantly growing market, specific protocols and cables are attached to a tractor.


Even the marine engine manufacturers rely on Alientech! The brand has successfully created protocols of many applications for boats and jet skis and continues doing so.

Specific Kess V2 functions


Designed for K-Suite 3 and more! The single management software intended for remapping ECUS and TCUS, managing your tools, protocols, and activations.


Real reading and writing. If you cannot do it, use VR!
If real reading is not an option, KESSv2 automatically downloads the Original File from the Alientech Data Bank. The simple and instant ID of the ECU is equivalent to the original file reading.

Checksum control

The operation verifies the integrity of ECU data. The checksum correction is carried out by KESSv2 during the writing phase on each file, focused on the correct operation of ECU.


The function allows to restore the connection with a vehicle, as well as recover an ECU’s file. Therefore, the modified file can be re-written and the full functionality of a vehicle recovered.

User manuals

Detailed ‘How To’ instruction, and step-by-step guidance of remapping and its safety measures.

Technical assistance

Comprehensive support to help within complex procedures.

Available versions

Master Kess V2

After reading the original ECU file by using KESSv2 Master, you can modify its operating parameters using the ECM Titanium software according to your customer’s needs. Then, you can remap the ECU, by writing the modified file. The main point is that the Master system is not encrypted, so it can self-save, read and write the file on its own. Alientech cannot offer much help with the Master version, consequently, if you need help reading / writing files, the Master version is probably not the best choice for you.

Slave Kess V2

The Slave system carries out everything a Master tool can do. However, there is a difference between these two: contrary to the Master tool, the Slave’s file is encrypted. To add, a modified file is provided by Remapas file service directly. Therefore, the Slave solution is suitable for those, who want to enter the Chiptuning world, by choosing between the largest tuners network in the world. You can easily start by choosing specific kess v2 tuning files based on your needs. Remapas file service only offers the slave version of Alientech Kess v2.

The Alientech Kess V2 Slave allows you to link to the Master tool to share information privately, and use the encryption to each master tool. That is a guarantee to write kess v2 files easily, privately, and the most important safely! Regarding the pricing, the slave version is a good bargain compared to Alientech Kess v2 Master tools. And the good news is that a professional that decides to work with a Slave system, following the right training and experience, can switch to the Master system! The Slave Kess V2 set includes:

– The tool

– Cables: 144300KCAN – 144300K201 – USB CABLE

Available Protocols:

14P600KS03 – Car – Bike OBD Protocols ( € 1.100,00)
14P600KS02 – Truck OBD Protocols ( € 1.700,00)
14P600KS05 – Agriculture OBD Protocols ( € 1.700,00)
14P600KS10 – Marine OBD Protocols ( € 700,00)
14P600KS07 – Car – Bike – Truck OBD Protocols ( € 2.500,00)
 14P600KS08 – Car – Bike – Agriculture OBD Protocols ( € 2.500,00)
 14P600KS09 – Truck – Agriculture OBD Protocols ( € 2.500,00)
14P600KS06 – Full OBD Protocols ( € 3.100,00)

Alientech Kess v2 slave price: 900 EUR excl. VAT + free Remapas support’s subscription for a year, as well as 200 crd.