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- K-TAG Slave

550 EUR + VAT

Remapas support subscription for a year, as well as 200 crd.

Alientech Ktag functions and features

K-Tag is one of the best choices in the market so far. We talk about the tool comparable with a magic wand! KTag’s suitability for the majority of ECU’s of vehicles and the abundance of functions performed makes Alientech an irreplaceable tool for every chip tuning service.

Hence, K Tag Alientech is one of the most comprehensive tools, considering ECU/TCU reading and writing. It supports most of vehicles, such as cars, trucks, bikes, boats and tractors. Remapas file service offers a slave K-Tag version, which in addition to new protocols, has all the improvements as the Master:

  • A powerful interface. Easily adapted to your needs.
  • Compatible with the majority of vehicles and available for the 8, 16, and 32-bit microprocessors.
  • Automatic updating of our online manuals, which offer a step-by-step visual tutorial regarding the connection to ECU.
  • Full Backup and Restore functions.
  • Reading and writing of the individual Processor, EEPROM, and flash memory components.
  • Removal of the write-protection to allow the flashing via OBD.

Available microcontroler:


  • Infineon Tricore


  • Motorola MPC5xx
  • Motorola MC68xxx
  • Motorola HC12
  • Motorola Nexus MPC5xxx
  • Motorola MPC56xxx


  • NEC76F00xx NBD Toyota


  • Renesas SH705x
  • Renesas M32
  • Mitsubishi MH7xxx
  • Mitsubishi MH8xx


  • ST10


Specifics and Functions

Designer for K-Suite 3 and more! The management software intended for remapping ECUS and TCUS, managing your tools, protocols, and activations.

RD, WR, Clone.
Real reading and writing, and cloning. Bootmode, Service Mode. Each function helps to achieve the result wanted, in a safe and efficient way.

Checksum Check
The operation that verifies the ECU data’s integrity. The checksum correction is carried out by K-TAG during the writing process of each file, in order to ensure normal operation of the ECU itself.

The Recovery function allows restoring the communication with the vehicle, as well as the file reading directly from the ECU. Likewise, rewriting the modified file, thus recovering the full functionality of the vehicle.

User Manuals
A detailed explanation of ‘How To’, following the ‘step-by-step’ instructions of safe remapping completion.

Technical Assistance
The aim of providing support within the most complex procedures.



The K-TAG Master solution is suitable for professionals, who desire to have full control of the remapping operations of the vehicles ECUS.

The K-TAG Slave solution is suitable for workshops that consider entering the Chiptuning world, relying on remapping files tailored to their needs.

Remapas file service offers the slave K Tag Alientech version for customers.

The following cables are included in the Alientech Ktag’s set:

  • AF3401001 – 2 male pin tips (2.54 mm) and 10 female pin tips (2.54 mm)
  • 144300T100 – 2 ribbon cables
  • 144300T101 – 2 ribbon cables
  • 144300T102 – 2 ribbon cables
  • 144300T103 – 2 ribbon cables
  • 144300T104 – 2 rainbow ribbon cables
  • 144300T105 – 2 rainbow ribbon cables
  • 144300T106 – 2 rainbow ribbon cables

Sometimes it takes a little while for certain ECUs to connect with a Ktag. Considering that, the boards are included together with the KTag slave device too:

  • 14AS00T01S – Motherboard that is soldered to the Delphi DCI ECU
  • 14AS00T03S – Board that is soldered to Siemens and Marelli ECU
  • 14AS00T04S – Board that is soldered to the Delphi Dcm ECU

Alientech Ktag Price: 550 EUR excl. VAT + free Remapas support subscription for a year, as well as 200 crd.