// Alientech tuning tools

About Alientech

Alientech is one of the top leaders worldwide, specialized in designing and developing tools for ECU tuning. We present the Italian company, that has the professional competence justified by efficient work in the industry. This leads to the ability to develop safe, reliable, and professional tools and software. Owing to tools and software, developed by efficient and experienced engineers, today we can point that Alientech is one of the landmarks in the chip tuning sector. The company has a clear and accurate goal: “What we want is easy to explain: to study, design and develop the best tools able to satisfy what the market demands. For this reason, every single day we invest time and resources to find out the best solutions for our customers of today and tomorrow.” From a small local Italian company, Alientech has been focused on growth, and today has five international branches, hundreds of retailers, and thousands of customers worldwide, day by day becoming the best landmark in engine tuning. Their goal is to keep working that way: to develop and improve their tools and software at their best, either from a professional or competitive point of view.

The company has more than 40 young and enthusiastic, professional employees, who are not afraid of challenges, ready to look for the best and modern solutions. Alientech follows the accuracy to details, likewise, striving for the best results, and strong technical assistance. Alientech tools are characterized by high quality, reliability, as well as having the list of serviced cars, which is being constantly updated by the latest models. Alientech tuning includes working with the company’s main tools – KESSv2 and K-tag. Having them both ensures the possibility of working with all types of vehicles and models. It provides you full access to the ECU and the TCU in order to read and write remap files. Alientech tools, both KESSv2 and Ktag are available in two master and slave versions. We do offer the slave version for Remapas file service customers.

The importance of choosing an original tool

Needless to say, that one of the issues being faced by the industry is Alientech tools clones. A lot of non-professional chip tuners instead of buying an original product, choose to work with non-original tools, in other words, Chinese clones.

You might wonder, why should you avoid working with cloned tools? We have the answer, since that might cause you serious problems. Firstly, using any chip tuning tool clone is not safe. There is a huge risk to damage ECU or TCU irreparably with any chance to fix it afterwards. Secondly, a clone cannot do the same job as an original tool. Even cloned versions are priced considerably lower; however, clone’s functions and features are much more limited compared to the original. For example, clone does not execute a checksum or in some cases does, but incorrectly. Also, the clone’s list of supported cars is significantly shorter. These circumstances cause you difficulties and make the job more difficult, not only for you but for your files supplier too.


We highly recommend to choose Kess original, Ktag original, as it provides the highest quality services, ensures reliable work and the best results. Bear in mind that Alientech tuning can be done correctly by original tools only. None of the self-respecting chip tuning service would choose to work with unreliable clones. Remember that quality is the investment to the future!