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How to choose the right remapping tools?

The market is full of choices considering chip tuning tools. Starting with the diversity of manufacturers, brands and continuing with different types of tools. However, the struggle to choose is real. Since the huge variety of options, which is the right one? You might wonder which tool would fulfill your needs and expectations or doubt if that is suitable for your vehicle park?

You might be overwhelmed by the incredible amount of choices but our professional team is here to support you and answer all of your questions. All you have to do is to become our slave partner. We guide every single partner individually, focusing on skills, abilities, experience and expectations. Our team takes note of what kind of tool functions are necessary to have and what type of vehicles might be the most frequent at your work. In the line of the factors mentioned above, we always advise in choosing the right chiptuning tools. Our goal is to provide the support and accomplish your needs.

How does chip tuning tools work?

Let’s start with the tool job, which is simply reading and writing ECU remap files. There are three ways of how remapping tool does that:

  1. OBD remap tool. OBD also implies to On-Board-Diagnostics port tool. By using this tool, there is no need to take off or open car’s ECU considering any kind of car programming job. The tool reads and writes files safely via OBD port.
  2. Bench. This way is based on taking ECU out of the car, with no need to open it. File reading and writing goes through pins. Bench and OBD tools are also called Flashers.
  3. Boot. The hardest but unique way to read and write files. Functions by taking ECU out of the vehicle, opening it and using needles. This way is more common within older vehicles.

Note that some of the chiptuning tools can only be used, considering one of the methods, which has been mentioned above. For example, Kess remap tool is mostly used for OBD reading. Occurs that, several tools might be used following two different methods. Even so, Ktag tool and some of it, like Flex, can be referred to all of the three schemes. Bear in mind, that file reading/writing method is chosen not only by the tool you have but also by the car model and ECU you want to remap. Our team provides the data and adapts it, considering your needs and technical characteristics. All you have to do is to become our slave partner!

What chip tuning tools do we offer?

Remapas file service works with the best available chip tuning tools in the market. We are proud that our company deals with such brands as Alientech and Magic Motorsport – the absolute leaders of the remapping tools’ market. Besides, all tools are available as master and slave versions.

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