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Remapas live help, tickets & support systems

According to your needs, we do offer three different support systems choices:

Tickets and file chats
Live help

Available only to those, who have purchased the slave equipment and subscribed to our annual membership! The superiority is that our professionals provide immediate support by answering your questions, even supplying video material. As well as offering help related to power increasing operations and full car’s diagnostic. We always inform our partners if these tasks can cause any damage! Owing to ‘Teamviewer’, we help with scanning, writing, or performing particular resets (before/after saving the file). We provide the guidance needed to choose the right equipment, likewise, adapting it to a specific vehicle’s scanning and writing, re-resets, and codings, tethering of ECU, and more. Remapas works with Odis, Ista, Xentry, Vediamo, Monaco, Autel, Launch, Texa, Ids, Autocom, and so on. We are proud of providing such strong and exceptional support, equally collaborating with the best! Becoming our partner is the same as becoming our family member. Remapas team always hands over the professional knowledge and experience to achieve the best and the most efficient result. Lean on us!

Intended for master-tools users. No detailed advice and specific guidance. Main current questions are answered. That might be related to the ordered files, the creation time or other similar technical queries.

Available to all site’s visitors. Here all short and urgent/general questions are answered and our support provided.

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