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How to get tuning files on our file service?

Get your ECU files modified in few simple steps:


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Securely purchase credits to your account by using Paypal or Credit card. New customers get 20 credits for free for their first file!


Upload your original ECU files for tuning. Provide all the required information, specify what kind of modifications have to be done. Press here and learn how to upload your file.


Download your tuned file when it is ready.

That is all! Remapas files service is quick and simple to use. We always inform our clients, what is the approximate time estimated to set the file up. When you upload it, you always get a notification based on our time prediction for it. Note that it usually takes less than an hour to prepare the file.

Why choose Remapas files?

– The wide range of high quality, custom made remap and tuningfiles. The majority of files are dyno tested.

– Considering safety measures, files made to achieve the best possible performance’s results and efficiency.

– Exceptionally strong support system for beginners and those who need to improve their skills and gain the knowledge about the field.

– Collaboration with master chip tuners, sharing their experiences and occupational knowledge.

– Tuning file service 24/7.

– Remap files designed not only for cars, but also for trucks and agro technique.

– Chip tuning files for stage 1-4 are securely developed and tested in our ECU remap files laboratory.

– Friendly and efficient customer service.

– Certified programmers who have acquired their knowledge in the best chip tuning academies all over Europe and have over 10 years of experience in the automotive and vehicles software industry.

Remapas team owns the chip tuning house and other smaller departments with multiple dynamometers. This allows to improve our programming skills and develop our product. In our chip tuning house, various cars tuning and hardware updates are being made; likewise, we build up a variety of racing cars projects. Our professional working environment empowers to achieve the best possible performance’s results by writing the tuning files (especially stages 2-4). At once, our work with racing cars and more complex projects, particularly contributes to the quality of ECU tuning files. Furthermore, our specialty does not end within cars, but it continues with trucks and agro technique. You can find out more by exploring some of our house work, several projects and racing cars, which are placed in “Our work” section in our Website. Take a part in our everyday work and follow us on Facebook – Remapas chip tuning; Remapas File service, Youtube – Rempas Chip Tuning and IG – remapas_chip_tuning.


Here is our detailed list of ECU file service modifications:

Stage 1 chip tuning. It is a safe way to use the power reserved by the manufacturer. No hardware update is needed, stage 1 consists only of modifying the engine management system with software. Available for trucks and agro technique too.

Stage 2-4 chip tuning. This type of tuning needs adjustments to the new hardware – engine components such as turbos, injectors, intercoolers, etc.

ECO chip tuning. The programming is directed to increase fuel savings. Only available for diesel engines. Accessible for truck and agro technique too.

TCU stage 1-3. TCU programming intended for increasing the responsiveness’ speed and efficiency of the performance.

DPF off. Disabling of DPF. For cars, trucks and agro technique.

EGR off. Disabling of EGR. For cars, trucks and agro technique.

AdBlue/SCR off. Disabling of AdBlue. For cars, trucks and agro technique.

Decat. All necessary software corrections after mechanical catalyst removal, designed for cars, trucks and agro technique.

Vmax off. Maximum speed limit removal.

DTC off. Diagnostic troubles codes removal.

Hot/cold start problem off. Hot/cold engine initiation problem solving.

Launch control on.

Rev limiter on.

Start/stop off. Disabling start/stop system.

Pops&Bangs/Crackle on.

Swirl Flaps off.

Torque monitoring off.

Immo off. Immobilizer shutdown.

O2/ NOx off. Sensors functions removal.

Hard cut limiter.

Sport display.

MAF off. Air Mass sensor shutdown.

Original software recovery. Back to stock ECU parameters.

These are the most common modifications encountered in our daily working practice. However, the mods’ list is not the final one. If you need any specific modifications, do not hesitate to contact our team! Our competence is facing any professional challenge, putting a lot of effort in preparing any file you need. We are capable of working under difficult, exceptional circumstances, dealing with problems, which usually require more effort and extra time. Please note that you have to provide all of the present error codes appearing in the ECU after uploading the file. Every single detail, such as any possible error, as much as the car’s features, counts and matters for us, as our team has to be assured that ECU remapping will be done correctly. Our goal is to provide an exceptional and the best file service, likewise in such way assist to our clients, solve related issues. Join us, work with the best!

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